Keep It Clean: Why You Need a Grease Bucket for Grills

A well-maintained grill is the secret ingredient to perfect barbecues. A crucial, yet often overlooked aspect of this maintenance is grease management. That’s where the grease bucket for grills comes into play.

These handy tools assist in managing grease run-off, preventing potential flare-ups, and maintaining the overall cleanliness of your grill. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into why a grease bucket is an essential accessory for your grill, and how it can enhance your grilling experience.

What Features to Look for When Choosing a Grease Bucket for Grills

By paying attention to these features when choosing a grease bucket for grills, you can ensure a safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable grilling experience.

Material and Durability

The best grease buckets are made from robust, rust-resistant materials like galvanized steel or aluminum. These can withstand high temperatures and external elements, ensuring longevity and safe usage.

Durability you can count on, the best grease bucket for grills is constructed using high-quality materials, which means it’s built to last. Say goodbye to corroded, rusty, or falling-apart grease cans and enjoy peace of mind.

Size and Capacity

The size of the grease bucket you choose depends on the frequency and volume of your grilling. A larger capacity bucket is helpful for heavy grill users, reducing the frequency of emptying.

Easy to Clean

Look for a grease bucket that is easy to clean. Some models feature a removable liner for hassle-free maintenance. Others may be dishwasher safe.


Ensure the grease bucket is compatible with your grill model. Some are universal, while others are specific to certain brands or types of grills. No need for special tools to set up your grease bucket.

Secure Attachment

A good grease bucket should attach securely to prevent it from tipping or falling, which could lead to messy accidents. Some have a hook or clip attachment, while others have a stand-alone design.

Heat Resistance

The bucket should be heat resistant to handle the high temperatures of the grill, reducing the risk of melting or damage.

Best Grease Bucket for Grills Reviewed in This Article

Here are some of the best grease buckets to keep your grilling area clean and safe.

Grilla Grills Grease Bucket for Grills

The Grilla Grills Grease Bucket is the ultimate solution for collecting and holding grease! Why settle for a can when you can have an entire BUCKET? This heavy-duty bucket is designed to hang conveniently on your grill, providing you with countless hours of smoking without the hassle of constantly changing out your grease can.

Made with high-quality materials, our bucket is built to last, giving you peace of mind knowing it won’t corrode, rust, or fall apart like traditional grease cans. Plus, installation is a breeze – no special tools are required!

Whether you have the Chimp or the Silverbac, our grease bucket is designed to fit perfectly with all Grilla Grills. Upgrade your grilling experience today with the Grilla Grills Grease Bucket!

Oklahoma Joe’s Drip Bucket, Black

The Oklahoma Joe’s Drip Bucket is designed to make clean-up a breeze and prevent any unwanted grease drips.

Crafted with durable metal construction and coated with weather-resistant paint, this bucket is built to withstand the test of time. It is compatible with most smokers and grills, making it a versatile choice.

With a generous 2-quart capacity, it offers ample space for collecting drips. Measuring 6.3 inches in diameter and 6 inches high (10.2 inches high with a handle), it provides a compact and convenient solution.

Drip Grease Bucket and 12-Pack Liners

Introducing this versatile and convenient grease bucket liner, compatible with popular models such as Traeger, Pit Boss, REC TEC, Green Mountain, and more.

Designed for fast and easy clean-up, simply store the 12-pack bucket liner in your grill’s grease bucket, discarding the top one when it’s full.

This saves you time and money, as you won’t have to replace or clean the bucket as frequently. Made of durable galvanized steel, our weather-resistant grease bucket ensures long-lasting performance without rusting or absorbing outdoor elements.

Plus, it doubles as an ice bucket, perfect for chilling your beverages during a nice BBQ. Upgrade your grilling experience with this must-have accessory.

Types of Grease Buckets for Grills

There are several types of grease buckets for grills, each with its unique design and feature.

Galvanized Steel Buckets

These are renowned for their durability and rust resistance. Galvanized steel buckets are often used in high heat conditions and are perfect for grills due to their heat-resistant properties.

Aluminum Buckets

Aluminum buckets are lightweight and resist rust. They are great for portability, making them ideal for camping or tailgating grills.

Bucket with Disposable Liners

Some grease buckets come with disposable liners, simplifying the cleanup process. These liners can be easily replaced, saving you from the unpleasant task of cleaning out hardened grease.

Brand-Specific Buckets

Certain grill manufacturers offer brand-specific grease buckets designed to fit perfectly with their grills. These tend to have a secure fit and are often designed for optimal performance with the specific grill model.

Universal Grease Buckets

Universal grease buckets are designed to be compatible with a wide range of grill models. They offer flexibility and can be a good choice if you have multiple grills of different brands.

Each type has its pros and cons, and the best choice will depend on your specific grilling needs and preferences.

Common Questions About The Grease Bucket for Grills

Here are some common questions about the grease bucket for grills:

Reasons why you need a grease bucket for grills?

  • No more oil can swap: Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly checking your grease can see if it’s almost full. With a grease bucket, you can easily collect a large volume of residual oils from your grilling sessions.
  • Prevent oil overspill: Have you ever experienced the frustration of forgetting to monitor your grease can, only to find it overflowing onto your patio? Cleaning up grease from porous bricks and stones can be a real pain. But with a spacious bucket, you can avoid the mess and enjoy worry-free grilling.
  • Quick and hassle-free cleanup: Once you’ve safely emptied the grease from your bucket, use a paper towel to wipe off the interior. Then, wash the inside with detergent. Your bucket will look brand new and ready for immediate use.

How often should I empty my grease bucket?

How often you need to empty your grease bucket depends on how much you use it and the size of the bucket. If your grill is used regularly, you may need to empty it every few days.

To clean your grease bucket, you should first empty it and then scrape out any excess residue. If the bucket is made from metal, you can use warm water and mild detergent to scrub away stubborn stains. You may also opt for a disposable liner to minimize cleaning.

How do I know if my grease bucket is compatible with my grill?

If you purchased a brand-specific or universal grease bucket, it should be clearly indicated on the packaging. If in doubt, you can contact the manufacturer directly for more information.

What are other ways to manage grease runoff?

The use of a drip tray is another great way to manage grease runoff. Placing a drip tray underneath the grill can help prevent flare-ups and keep your grilling area clean.

Video TIFMI Grease Bucket Liners Review, I’M READY TO GRILL SOME RIBS NOW!

Want more options? Check out this video review of TIFMI Grease Bucket Liners. These liners make cleaning up after a grilling session much easier and more convenient.

These disposable bucket liners are designed to fit most standard grease buckets, including Traeger, Pit Boss, REC TEC, Green Mountain, and more. The liner is made from durable aluminum and can withstand temperatures up to 600°F without tearing or breaking.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a grease bucket for grills is a simple yet vital tool that can greatly enhance your grilling endeavors. It prevents grease build-up, reduces the risk of flare-ups, and aids in maintaining the cleanliness of your grill. With a range of options available, from galvanized steel to aluminum, brand-specific to universal buckets – you’re sure to find one that fits your grilling needs. Remember, the success of your barbecue depends not just on your skills, but also on how well your equipment is maintained. Happy grilling!


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Photo of author
Jacob is a grilling maestro who's turned his passion for BBQ into a career. He's the main man behind, where he shares his extensive knowledge and experience. Whether it's finding the perfect grill or mastering the art of slow-cooked ribs, Jacob has got you covered. His love for all things BBQ is contagious, making his site a must-visit for grill enthusiasts. So, if you're looking to up your grilling game, Jacob Jones is your go-to guy!