Top 11 Grill Cover Choices for a Protected BBQ Experience

Whether you’re a barbecue enthusiast or a casual griller, a grill cover is an essential accessory to prolong the lifespan of your barbecue setup. Exposed to the elements, your grill can take a beating from the weather, debris, and even critters. A high-quality grill cover can keep your grill clean, dry, and ready for your next cookout.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 grill cover choices that promise to offer superior protection and durability. Let’s dive into the world of grill covers and discover how they can provide a protected BBQ experience.

What Features To Look For When Choosing a Grill Cover

When choosing a grill cover, certain features can enhance its performance and durability. When ready to make your buying decision, make sure to keep in mind the following key aspects.


The material is paramount; look for covers made of heavy-duty, waterproof fabrics like polyester or vinyl that can withstand harsh weather conditions. These materials also resist cracking, fading, and tearing.

  • Grill covers are typically made of polyester, canvas, or vinyl. Polyester is a popular choice due to its versatility in any weather condition, but it requires a coating to be fully waterproof.
  • On the other hand, vinyl is naturally waterproof, and thicker vinyl offers increased durability.
  • Canvas, being naturally waterproof, provides excellent protection against intense weather conditions. When choosing a grill cover, consider factors such as breathability, sealant, and thickness to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


Secondly, the fit of the grill cover is crucial. A snug fit protects the grill from the elements, whilst an overly tight fit could cause damage.


To ensure a perfect fit for your grill cover, it’s important to consider the brand and size of your grill. Choose a cover that is slightly larger than your grill, approximately 1 to 2 inches wider, for a secure and easy-to-use option.

Keep in mind that grill covers come in various sizes, so be sure to select the one that best suits your specific grill.

Grill Size and Dimensions

Before you start shopping for a grill cover, it’s crucial to know the exact dimensions of your grill. Begin with the model number, if necessary. Then, you can either search for covers designed for that particular model or visit the manufacturer’s website for more information.

It’s important that the size of your grill cover matches the grill it intends to protect. Ideally, the cover should fit snugly around the grill, fully encasing it to prevent any potential rust. Protect your grill and ensure its longevity with a properly fitted cover.

Adjustable straps

Adjustable straps or drawstrings can help ensure a secure fit. Thirdly, the cover should have some sort of venting system to prevent condensation, which can lead to rusting.

If you live in an area with stormy winters, using fastening straps to secure your grill in windy conditions and ensuring proper ventilation to prevent condensation can greatly benefit you. Stay prepared and protected against the elements!

Easy to Use

Lastly, consider a cover with easy-to-use securing mechanisms such as Velcro or buckle straps to keep the cover firmly in place, even on windy days.

UV Protection

When choosing a cover for your needs, consider features that are suitable for your climate. If you reside in a hot and sunny area, it’s crucial to prioritize UV protection to prevent fading and cracking. Optimize your cover selection to protect against the elements and ensure durability.

Top 11 Grill Cover Choices

In search of a grill cover for your BBQ? You’ll surely find what you’re looking for among these ten fantastic options.

Grilla Grills Grill Cover for Primate Griddle

Grill cover

Grilla Grills Grill Cover for Primate Griddle

Introducing the Grilla Grills Grill Cover for Primate Griddle. This durable and weather-resistant cover is designed specifically to fit the Primate Griddle from Grilla Grills, providing optimal protection for your outdoor cooking equipment.

Made from high-quality materials, the grill cover ensures that your Primate Griddle remains safe from the elements, extending its lifespan. It is custom-tailored to fit snugly over the Primate Griddle, preventing dust, dirt, and debris from accumulating on the surface.

With its heavy-duty construction, this grill cover offers excellent resistance against UV rays, rain, snow, and wind, keeping your Primate Griddle in pristine condition throughout the year. Reinforced stitching and Velcro straps provide added durability and security, ensuring that the cover stays in place even during strong winds or storms.

Cleaning the grill cover is easy; simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or hose it off for quick and convenient maintenance. Its sleek and stylish design adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor cooking area, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your backyard or patio.

Whether you’re a seasoned griller or a beginner, the Grilla Grills Grill Cover for Primate Griddle is a must-have accessory to protect and preserve your investment in outdoor cooking equipment.

Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 58 Inch BBQ Grill Cover

Introducing the Gardelle Fabric System, a premium cover designed to protect your belongings with style. Crafted with an elegant fabric top and a laminated backing that repels water and resists damage, this cover ensures maximum protection for your outdoor essentials.

Equipped with air vents to prevent condensation and wind lofting, a zippered top pocket for grill accessories, and padded handles for easy fitting and removal, it’s designed for convenience.

The elastic hem cord with toggles allows for a tight and custom fit, while the click-close straps secure the cover on windy days. Backed by a three-year limited warranty, the Gardelle Fabric System is the ultimate choice for durable and reliable protection.

Grillman Premium Grill Cover for Outdoor Grill

Introducing the Grillman Grill Cover – the ultimate protection for your grill! With its durable construction and expert design, this cover is built to withstand any weather conditions.

Measuring 58″ L x 24″ W x 48″ H, it’s the perfect fit for popular gas and charcoal grill models.

Say goodbye to worries about your grill cover blowing away in strong winds. Our secure fit and wind-resistant features ensure a perfect fit with the attached fabric hook and small loop straps.

Cleaning is a breeze with our waterproof design. Simply spray with water and let it sun-dry. Don’t let the weather ruin your grill. Our heavy-duty materials are tougher than the elements themselves. Whether it’s rain, snow, or sun, this cover is designed to withstand it all.

SunPatio 2 Burner Gas Grill Cover 32 inch

This cover is compatible with most 2-burner gas grills featuring folding side shelves, including popular brands like Weber, Charbroil, Nexgrill, KitchenAid, Member’s Mark, and Monument.

It is designed to offer exceptional protection. Made from premium FadeStop fabric with a waterproof vinyl coating, it resists fading, tearing, and cold cracking. This ensures long-term durability and shields your grill from harmful UV rays, rain, snow, dust, and debris throughout the year.

For added convenience, we’ve included two fabric handles on the top of the barbecue grill cover. These handles make it easy to put the cover on or take it off your grill. Additionally, they can be used as loops to hang the cover when it’s not in use.

Amazon Basics Gas Grill Cover

Designed to fit most gas grills up to 60 x 28 x 46 inches, this cover is perfect for everyday use and offers exceptional protection during the off-season.

Crafted from durable woven polyester fabric with water-resistant backing, it shields your grill from rain, snow, sun, and dust. The air vents help minimize condensation and prevent the cover from billowing in the wind, ensuring your grill stays dry and secure.

With an elastic bungee cord, our cover stays firmly in place, even during breezy conditions or unexpected wind gusts. It measures 60″L by 28″D by 46″H and weighs 5.5 pounds.

Finished in sleek black, our Medium Outdoor Grill Cover combines style and functionality to protect your grill investment. Get yours today and keep your grill looking and performing its best!

JIESUO 18 Inch Grill Cover for Weber Charcoal Kettle

Introducing the JIESUO Kettle Grill Cover – a heavy-duty solution for protecting your grill in any weather. Made from durable and tear-resistant 600D polyester elastic yarn, this cover is built to last.

The upgraded PVC lining waterproof layer, with a special vinyl oil formula, ensures superior softness, durability, and resistance to crumpling.

With two convenient heavy-duty Velcro straps, this cover provides a secure fit, keeping your grill lid firmly in place even during strong winds. The durable fabric handles make installation and movement a breeze, and they can also be used for hanging and storage.

Cleaning is a breeze – simply hose it with water and watch the dirt disappear. For easy storage, this cover comes with an opp bag.

Turtle Life Round BBQ Grill Cover

Introducing our grill cover, designed for ultimate protection and convenience. Made with heavy-duty Oxford fabric and upgraded PVC coating, this cover is dimensioned at Dia27″ x 38″H to fit most charcoal grills under 25 inches in diameter.

Not only is it waterproof, dustproof, and UV resistant, but it’s also rip-resistant for long-lasting durability.

Equipped with durable handles and bottom straps, this cover ensures a secure fit and prevents it from being blown off.

When not in use, simply fold it and store it in the included bag for easy storage. Cleaning is a breeze, and with the added PVC coating, it’s even more resistant to weather conditions.

iCOVER 30in Electric Smoker Grill Cover

Designed to fit grills with dimensions measuring 18.5 inches x 17.5 inches x 33 inches, this cover is suitable for almost all electric smoker grills with a height of up to 33 inches.

Made from high-quality, lightweight Oxford material, it offers superior UV resistance and is completely waterproof. The bottom drawstring closure ensures a snug fit for different grills, while the double stitching and thickened edges enhance durability and prevent ripping.

You can trust that this cover will stay in place, even during strong winds. Say goodbye to worries about your grill cover being blown away or damaged.

Covermates Built-in Grill Cover

Introducing our durable and tough grill cover, designed to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions. With its elastic hem detail, it offers a secure fit and wind resistance during severe weather.

Made from a water-resistant material, it repels moisture and protects your propane and gas grill. Crafted with thick 12-gauge commercial vinyl and our versatile Classic material, this grill cover is built to last.

Whether you live in a rainy or snowy climate, this water-resistant design is perfect for you. Keep your grill protected and in top condition with our superior dirt and UV-resistant grill cover.

Unicook Grill Cover 55 Inch, Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Measuring 55″W x 23″D x 44″H, this 55-inch grill cover is compatible with most 3-4 Burners grills up to 53″ width. Whether you have a Weber Spirit/Genesis, Char-Broil, Nexgrill, Monument, Kenmore, Napoleon, Brinkmann, or other similar grills, this cover will provide a perfect fit.

Before purchasing, please remember to measure your grill to ensure the proper fit.

The fade-resistant grill cover is made with heavy-duty fabric that is designed to withstand outdoor elements. With a waterproof vinyl underlining, it offers durable and long-lasting protection for your grill throughout all seasons.

Featuring convenient 1.5″ wide fastening straps, our wind-resistant barbecue cover will keep your grill securely fastened. Say goodbye to worries of the cover slipping or blowing off during windy days.

Kamado Joe BJ-GC24BWFS Big Joe 24-inch Charcoal Grill Cover, Black

Protect your grill from the elements with this full-length cover. Made from industrial-strength polyester fabric, it keeps Mother Nature out and ensures durability.

The waterproof design makes it perfect for outdoor use. Compatible with the Kamado Joe Big Joe series, XL Big Green Egg, and other round 24-inch charcoal grills. Keep your grill protected in style.

Common Questions About Grill Covers

Are grill covers a necessity?

While not absolutely necessary, it is highly recommended to protect your grill from the elements and maintain its optimal condition with a grill cover.

By keeping your grill covered when not in use, you can prevent or delay exterior wear and tear, safeguard the interior against rust, and discourage animals from approaching.

This is especially important in harsh climates, as covering your grill will enhance its appearance and extend its functional lifespan. Invest in a high-quality grill cover for long-lasting protection and longevity.

Is a grill cover heat-resistant?

It’s important to note that grill covers are not heat resistant. Always remember to allow your grill to cool completely before covering it.

Putting a cover on a hot grill can cause it to melt and fuse to the exterior, which can pose a fire hazard. Ensure the safety of your grill by following these guidelines.

Are all grill covers waterproof?

Grill covers typically offer water resistance. They serve to protect your grill from water infiltration, although they are not entirely waterproof.

It is important to monitor the condition of your cover and replace it if you observe any signs of damage such as cracked or peeling water-resistant lining, split seams, or holes. Ensure the longevity of your grill by promptly attending to cover maintenance.

Video Best Grill Covers – CoverMates from Coverstore

In this video we delve into the world of grill protection, guiding you through the standout features of CoverMates grill covers. Tune in to see why a grill cover is a worthy investment for safeguarding your grill and enhancing its lifespan.

Final Thoughts

In the realm of outdoor cooking, a grill cover is more than just an accessory—it’s an essential component protecting your grill from adverse weather conditions, dust, and debris. The best grill cover for you ultimately depends on your specific needs, climate conditions, and grill type. Prioritize durable material, a snug yet non-restrictive fit, ease of use, and any additional features pertinent to your environment.

The ten options we’ve explored here are among the best in the market, each offering unique features to cater to different cooking setups and requirements. So, don’t grill without protection—invest in a quality grill cover and guarantee a long, healthy life for your barbecue setup.


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Photo of author
Jacob is a grilling maestro who's turned his passion for BBQ into a career. He's the main man behind, where he shares his extensive knowledge and experience. Whether it's finding the perfect grill or mastering the art of slow-cooked ribs, Jacob has got you covered. His love for all things BBQ is contagious, making his site a must-visit for grill enthusiasts. So, if you're looking to up your grilling game, Jacob Jones is your go-to guy!